“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” -Helen Keller


            We are thrusted into life kicking and screaming and the momentum behind us does not stop, does not lessen for our whole lives.  To achieve greatness and keep riding that forward momentum, we must make the best out of each situation in life.  Life is magic and if we fail to recognize this fundamental truth, it’s going to be one long battle.


            I’m reminded of another popular quote, “everything happens for a reason” yet it is important to take that quote a step further and add “any meaning present in your life is only but there because you allowed it.” 


Often we assign false or negative meanings to many aspects of life.  We fail to see the beauty and magic in the moment.  Instead we gloat on the negative aspect of the situation.  While it is important to acknowledge if the given situation truly has negative meaning, it is also important to know that situations like that are the catalysts for the most growth.  Some learn from their mistakes.  Some just keep making mistakes and saying woe is me.  


            Create new meanings for situations.  If you stub your toe all the time, don’t curse each time and blame the door frame you keep walking into.  Tell yourself that this is a chance to work on your awareness of body and being mindful in any given moment.  


Don’t give in, you’re better than that.  Overtime these new associated meanings get hardwired into your brain and you being to operate them on autopilot.  Your thoughts (good and bad) are tools for you they are not who you are.  Use them as tools for progression not regression.  With time and knowing you’ll be moving without thinking.  Mastery is autopilot and that’s the goal.