Laura Messner – OCR competitor, former model, Spartan ultimate team

Laura Messner is a 29 year old Elite Obstacle Course Racer who has had quite the journey since her first race back in 2012. Before OCR Laura was a full-time freelance model pursuing her dream to become the next pop star, but as time went on she began to question if this was really the life she wanted to live. During this stage in her life she often found herself extremely depressed and internally empty and lost which only added to her biggest fear of not being good enough, pretty enough, or smart enough. She also struggled with an eating disorder. However, after getting into OCR, with the help from the community, Laura was able to find herself again. Since then she has risen to become an inspirational leader to others, completing over 100 OCR races in 6 years with 20+ podiums. Some may recognize her from Team Comeback Kids who were the season 1 winners on NBC’s show “Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge” or on Steve Austin’s TV show “Broken Skull Challenge” and she doesn’t plan to stop there! Laura works to continuously bring hope to others to prove by example that they TOO can overcome their obstacles in life as well as on the course.


The girl next store gets it. Gets what? Laura figured out how to be a beast of a woman. She owns up to everything in her life. She figured out that 90% of life is about making the right decision each and every day. At Inspyr we read everything we can on your social accounts. We love following your journeys, so when we saw this smiling face post in the mud on Instagram, we want to know where that smile came from. Once we began to read her self-empowerment and self-responsibility text, we knew Laura had to be on our team. Follow Laura’s journey today and be inspyred.