Amber Klein – Elite OCR racer

My name is Amber Klein and if I can achieve one thing in life, it would be to help people realize that they can achieve anything they put their minds to. We all have obstacles of sorts throughout life that try to hold us back, but with determination and commitment, we can overcome them. I believe in working hard and playing hard. I have been a Spartan race competitor for four years and thrive on the challenge of each event. I challenged myself to achieve Elite status and managed to do so in 2016/17. I placed in the Top 150 for 2017 in Elite, earned my Spartan World Championship coin, and made Masters Elite podium seven times. My goal is to simply encourage others to try new things, get out of our comfort zone and push ourselves to achieve our dreams, our goals, and overcome fears and obstacles. I am honored to be part of the Inspyr team because I am on a team that stands for what I believe in – earn your happiness, stay healthy, lead, and never give up. Never stop believing in yourself....believe you can and you will!

Passions: animals, outdoors, adventure, world travel, OCR, fitness


When we found Amber on Instagram, we were quickly immersed in her photos and the wonderful content that she delivers daily. Fitness, training hard, earning your success, helping others find success is her mantra. She sounded like a perfect candidate for the Inspyr team. She truly lives out the message behind our motivational socks. Mix in friend, wife, sister and all-around incredible person, well what can we say, she is a keeper!