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We each only get one shot at life. Let that sink in for a second...we each only get ONE shot at life. Sometimes we forget that don’t we? We feel like this will go on forever and we have plenty of time to do what’s right or to be our best selves. If we don’t believe in ourselves today there’s always tomorrow..if we aren’t setting a good example for our kids this week let’s try it next week. NO! Do all of this today and everyday. About two years ago I was looking for some socks to wear to a race. I did a google search for fun socks because as anyone who knows me could tell you I don’t like boring. Inspyr came up in my search and I clicked on the link. Oh my goodness there were socks with sayings on them in fun colors. And not just silly nonsense sayings but sayings that spoke to me. I had to have these! I had to wear what I was living on my feet and I had to let others see.


About 13 years ago I weighed almost 300 pounds. I was miserable and I was stagnant. I couldn’t run around after children and I couldn’t participate in life the way I wanted to. I did something about it..I had gastric bypass surgery. It wasn’t an easy fix but it was a tool. I still had to put in HARD WORK. I go to the gym 3 times a week and on the weekends I hike or run races. Wearing those socks lets people know that even though I had some help in the beginning of my journey the results  and staying healthy have all been up to me. I am a DREAM CHASER. I started running Obstacle Course Races 6 years ago and last year I started contributing to an OCR website as a writer. Writing was something I had always wanted to do and I realized that if I wanted it I had to make it happen because dreams were made to be fulfilled.


I am also a mother and I feel it is my job to show my children how important a healthy lifestyle is. Last summer my son started going to the gym with me and well he needs socks too doesn’t he? I wasn’t sure how he would feel wearing words going up his legs so i started him out slow by buying him ankle socks that said LET’S GO. He loved them and asked me if there were more sayings I could get him. I showed him all of mine and he was hooked. I love looking over at him while he’s lifting weights and seeing all his HUSTLE and HEART. He NEVER QUITS and changing his body and mentality has given him so much PRIDE INSIDE. One day I looked over to him and saw that his socks said FEAR CHASER. This kids was mixing the socks to make his own saying! He was expressing himself through his socks and he has inspired ME!


When I am running a race I tend to focus on the person in front of me. It helps keep my mind off of the distance I still have to cover. Sometimes they will have an inspirational saying on their shirt and I’ll repeat it over and over in my head. When I race wearing Inspyr socks I hope that whoever is behind me sees my socks and it helps them in some way. I hope to remind them to FIGHT HARD and that they have NO LIMIT.  I have learned a lot on my journey and I hope my story helps people. Helps them to see that change IS possible and that happiness IS possible but that you have to believe in yourself and when you get there you have to be willing to try and be a good example for others. Inspyr helps me to remember that. I can say all of these things without opening my mouth or writing a long drawn out post. My message can reach people just by showing up to the gym or a race or even a hiking trail. Now it’s time for you to FIND YOUR MESSAGE.

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