The fate that shaped Inspyr.

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The fate that shaped Inspyr.

Do you believe in fate?
I for one am a firm believer in fate and things happen for a reason.  As I look back at all those moments that qualify as a fate moment, I began to realize how fate shaped my life and that of Inspyr.

For years I had been struggling inside to find a way to truly make a difference in not only myself but others as well.
My wife and I were walking down a retail corridor on a bustling Va beach weekend.  Coffees in hand and a caffeine pep in our stride we made our way down through the masses. We were stopped at a make shift people barrier in front of a tee-shirt store and right at eye level directly in front of myself and my wife was the tee-shirt that bore the concept of Inspyr.
It lay out like this; light blue tee shirt, two printed adult males facing each other. One was a Dallas Cowboy fan and the other a New York Giants fan.  Each one giving the other one the famous middle finger, the be all to end all gestures.  At first I thought, OK I’m for making money and I get it but when I turned to my wife, I noticed 15 kids ranging from 4 to 14, seeing what I saw.
This was the moment that I knew I would do the opposite and print an empowering message on a shirt. I remember saying to my wife, why don’t we put an entrepreneurial message on these shirts and get kids thinking about being successful instead of spiteful.   Fate finally gave me the sign I was searching for.
Fast forward to 2016, my brother-in-law is away on a golf trip with the boys at Lake George NY.  Kevin (I’ll call him Kevin for story purposes) is a part of a ringer foursome in one of many rounds of golf. The other ringer in the foursome is a guy named; we’ll call Bill for story purposes. Bill and Kevin by fate, happen to share a golf cart and begin to discuss careers. My brother-in-law is not one too shy away from an opportunity to meet someone with upfront qualities and as it shook out, Bill was quite the talking as well.
Fate would be on Inspyr’s side once again, Bill’s background was pure sports apparel and branding. With a solid career already in place and opportunities abound for Bill. Our story, our mission, our goals as a company convinced Bill to give us a look.  The past two and a half years I’ve been searching for the right person who knows the retail end of a brands story and how they resonate with buyers was now in place.
For me that was incredible fate that my brother in law happened to be paired up with Bill 700 miles away from home base.
It would be a huge mistake for me to say that fate didn’t have something to do with the wonderful team that I’ve had in place the last two years at Inspyr. Without Ben, Tina, Joe, PJ, and the entire board of directors we just would not be where we are now and where we will be tomorrow.
Look out for fate, because one day it could change your life.


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