An inspirational athlete that refused to give up.


My name is Abby Wilde, i’m an 18 year old volleyball athlete who just completed my last year of club season.

Over the past 11 years of my life, I have worked towards this one moment—the transition between high school/club athletics to collegiate volleyball.

Getting to this moment has not been easy. There were times along the way where I was just going to give up. And i’m here to tell you about one of those moments.


Spring of 2018, I was ready to sign my National Letter of Intent to a Division 1 program on a scholarship to play the sport that I loved.

When people talk about reaching their goals or fulfilling their dreams I could actually say I was living mine. It didn’t feel real when I told people what I was doing after high school.

However, one day that was all taken away from me. On my birthday, my friend posted a picture of an innocent joke with me in it. Someone going by a false name, somehow got ahold of this picture and shared it with my collegiate coaches. My coaches revoked my scholarship and my spot on the team. However, I later found out, that they were recruiting other players in my position. Basically, lying to me the 8 months I was committed to them. The reason they revoked my spot wasn’t because of the picture, it was because they didn’t actually want me on the team in the first place. At this point I was so broken. I question, how could this be the Lord's plan for me? This was everything I ever wanted. I prayed for hours upon hours, crying every time asking for another chance.


When all this was happening I could have swore it wasn’t real. I remember getting the call from my coach, and telling myself I could never play again. I thought my career was over, and all that I worked for was over.  Days past, and I just sat in self sorrow. I just gave up.


I was laying in bed one night and I was just scrolling through social media. I happen to come across an inspirational post from @INSPYRGEAR. This was an organization I came across 4 years ago at the Creation Festival. Their mission and goal is to truly inspire and empower others. One of their post was a quote that read......


“What you do along the journey matters more than the destination”


Reading that quote really struck me. It helped me see that playing collegiate volleyball is not what defines me. It's all the people i’ve impacted, all the things I’ve done and all the work I put in, that truly defines me.


Once I realized this, I picked my head up, and moved on. I knew I couldn’t give up that easily. So I started emailing every coach I knew. Asking colleges if they still need someone in my position. I heard back from some, went on several visits but still I didn’t find one that I really felt would suit me. Until one day, the Manhattan College Division 1 program, reached out to me and asked if I could speak on the phone.


As soon as I started talking to the coach I just got a feeling that this school is the school for me. I never even had this feeling with the first school I was committed to. I went to visit and I fell in love with the school, the girls and the coach. It was everything I ever wanted in a college.


I’m pleased to say, I am now committed to Manhattan College on full scholarship to play Volleyball.


Going through something like this, was something I always heard about but I never thought it would happen to me. It was a crazy, emotional few months to say the least. But in the end, it was a blessing in disguise. I can truly say, I was inspired to push past this obstacle and continue working towards my dream. I’m a firm believer that God works in mysterious ways, but he is always working for us. He wants to see us succeed and change lives in any way we can. Thank you Inspyr organization for relentlessly motivating people through your words and post. We all need a little motivation once in while, because reaching our goals and our dreams takes perseverance.

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