A Polish girl living in Germany finds inspiration through fitness.


An obstacle, what is that exactly? An insurmountable stone on your path, hindering  your journey. As long as YOU believe there are more obstacles in your life than in “yourself” for sure you won't overcome them. Every journey starts within you. It's your will, your power, your inner strength, your belief that you can and will overcome every obstacle. If you change your mindset you will change every obstacle into a challenge. If you fail,  you will grow and learn from every mistake. Every-time you fall over the stone in your path and stand up to the stone you will become stronger and stronger. In the end you will understand that every challenge you face is a gift. A gift preparing you for your journey to be the best journey in your life becoming the best version of yourself and to never forget at the top of every big stone on your way the view is incredible...rise up and climb that stone

About my struggles:

Running and working out...reaching my physical limits helps me a lot to have a better and stronger mindset. It's a body-mind connection every time I have my down or I have to struggle all kinds of fitness really push me further. Being active and keep grinding and moving my body and crushing goals I set is showing me that I'm capable of much more than I ever thought. Running helps me to free myself from negative thoughts, doubts and fears. Working out, especially outdoors gives me a lot of positive energy, inner strength and mindfulness. As I started to transform my body and changed my diet it influenced my whole existence, I'm no longer doubting myself when it becomes difficult in life...I'm facing my challenges and I'm thankful to have the possibility to grow and to become even more fearless and passionate about my dreams and goals. I believe that dreams come true jut you have to work for them, nothing worth wild comes easy.

About inspyr:

The small things are much bigger than we think. Inspyr has these cute motivational and inspiring socks not only reminding the owner of his inner strength but also all people around them. Inspyr is giving without taking, supporting people to believe in their own journey and keep moving forward. Inspyr(John) helped me to become even more my truest and realest self, it seems like he knows only knowing me from Instagram and my posts. His support was several times my energy boost to trust myself and my journey. The most impressive fact is that John really gives me his energy and time to help to grow and he never ever wanted something in exchange for that. Giving light and being the light for others makes the whole world brighter and John is a very bright star Thank you John for inspiring me. Journey on.

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