The journey of one coach striving to better those around him.

Inspyr Gear

We all have a story to tell. Some are easy, some are hard, some are funny, and we tell those stories to inspire others. In life we are meant to build, to grow, to succeed and prosper. Inspyr gear is building stronger people every day with their motivation gear.

I am Coach Mac from Atlanta, Ga and I wear inspyr gear. I am what many consider in sports a late bloomer. I started to grow and blossom late in my teenage years. I was not always the greatest student either. I dropped out of college my first year, found a job worked and hung out in the streets. I luckily did not get in any major trouble during that time. My mother did her best to keep me motivated and on the right track but I had to make the decision to be successful on my own. A year later, I returned to school on an athletic scholarship, and four years later I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degrees. I traveled across the country, and abroad to play basketball. I was motivated to prove it to myself that I could be something great. However working a regular 9-5 was not going to cut it for me. I was a manager at a local retail store, I was on my break staring out the window and I said to myself “I am more than just this”. That day I went out a looked for a basketball camp where I could volunteer, I worked with several basketball camps for about 4 years, in that time, I was an assistant boys’ basketball coach and trainer. I went back to school, earned two Master’s degrees in education and the other in athletic administration.

Everyday is a journey, which brings new challenges and obstacles. As a teacher and high school basketball coach, I am working to inspire our youth to just succeed and succeed big. On Instagram I frequently post my daily journey’s from working out in the gym, coaching or traveling with my family. I found inspyr gear,  read their story and wanted to support them. My goal is to run a 5k each month and when I run I’ll always wear my inspyr socks. People always ask where did you get those socks and I tell them Inspyr gear. The message on the socks are powerful reminders for people like me to work hard, be a leader, and #journyon. My job in to inspire the youth, be leader for my children and a positive influence for those who need some motivation. My journey is never ending and it is always fun. My message to everyone is to be inspired to do some great each day, be a leader, be you, be motivated!! Inspyr gear is a great brand with a great leader, I chose to follow their lead and so should you. Whoever is reading this I hope my brief story has inspired you to build in you homes, families and community. #JourneyOn Friends

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