It’s a HAPPY CHAOS because I’ve chosen a “go get ‘em” attitude.

Like most 40-something Moms, I live in chaos.  Married, 3 kiddos a dog and a crazy career that I love.  And it just so happens that my dear hubby travels part of every week for work.  I travel at times as well, and one of our kiddos has some health problems.  So yeah, chaos.

Here is the thing though . . . it’s a HAPPY CHAOS . . . because I’ve chosen positivity and I’ve adopted a “go get ‘em” attitude with just about everything I do.  Do I manage everything perfectly? NO.  Do I always give my best effort and leave everything out on the field? ABSOLUTELY!!

And this is where INSPYR socks come in . . . Putting on INSPYR Socks before going out for a run makes me own my commitment to myself.   Seriously though, I can’t very well be sporting my socks and not live up to the words on the back of my calves!!  “Fear Less”, “Dream Chaser”, “Brave”, “Earn It”, “Focused”, “Over Come”, “Pride Inside”.  Yes, I have that many pairs!

I’ve become a runner over the past 4 years. I’ve found it to be a necessary thing for mind, body and soul.  There is the idea of starting and finishing something which is so rare in a Mom’s life.  Then there is the comradery of running with friends.  Running solo gives me peace.  There is nothing like a dawn or dusk run to sort out life’s issues with my miles or just enjoy the sights on the trail.  I’ve also been blessed to have the opportunity to participate in many fundraising runs over the years and that in itself has always been INSPYRing!

Whether it is a run or a race, my INSPYR socks come along with me every time.  I’ve had moments with these sock on my feet when their message has become a cyclical thing.  My mind subconsciously thinks about the words and then the run is over and I have that after thought.  “I’ve owned those words today.” I just worked out an issue (family/friend/work) in my head or I might have just set a new PR!  I’ve focused, I’ve overcome, I’ve earned it, and I’m fearless!

So yes, I’m a believer.  I’ve been INSPYRed! 

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