I would not change a thing that happened, because it made me who I am

Before I tell my story, I will say that I would not change a thing that happened, because it made me who I am today. Life kind of chugged along smoothly for me until high school where everything seemed to sort of fall apart.  My mom and sister were in a car accident (where another driver admitted to being on his cell phone and not paying attention).  My sister was okay, but my mom required intensive physical therapy and still requires physical therapy to this day.  Suddenly the mom who was atevery sports event ever, and driving me all aroundtown, was in her own battle with her own body. Roles reversed, and I joked that I was her chauffeur.  I helped take her to appointments, help wrap her legs.  Oh the ACE bandages we went through!   Fast forward a few years and there was a suicidein our immediate family.  It hit everyone realhard.  It was just after the holidays, and nothingseemed like it would ever be okay again. Not long after this, I started struggling withanxiety and depression.  It was a horrible time,but it turned me back to what I always loved. Outdoors, adventure, and running.  Running was mytherapy.  Running was my outlet.  My stressreliever.  My best friend.  It's a challenge to mymind and my body, and leaves no room fordepression.  Running keeps me organized.  It forces me to get up in the morning, it forces me to take time and stretch and think about the day ahead.  It inspires me to live life to it's fullest, but more importantly it reminds me to live.

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