You can live any life you want if you take the steps and believe it!

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You can live any life you want if you take the steps and believe it!

Hello all!  My name is Chris and I just joined the team at Inspyr.  I’m going to be blogging every week, sharing tips, tricks, stories and other ways to show you how possible it is to achieve anything you want in life and help others in doing so.  To begin, I’m going to tell you a little about my life journey; and if you want to tell me yours, just click here .

My story is 3 parts but starts out like most:  happy go lucky kid, did well in school, loved playing outside, hated vegetables (more on this later).  High school and college were great.  I met my best friends, started playing in more bands, started working out a lot, had a steady girlfriend, still hated vegetables.  No complaints.  Upon graduation in 2014, I was very lucky and got a job in advertising.  I didn’t have a care in the world.  My journey in life was shaping up to be a great one with smooth sailing.  Life was good…until it wasn’t…

Things started deteriorating slowly.  In the winter of 2014, I started feeling more tired than normal and a little more distracted.  I dismissed it quickly to stress.  Fast forward to the early summer of 2015 I started feeling odd.  It was hard to put into words just what I was feeling.  Suddenly, I was so tired I could barely get out of bed and when I did my joints ached; I was dizzy, my vision was acting up.  This was all very weird for me.  Scared, I called my doctor and scheduled a physical and panel of bloodwork.  He found nothing wrong with me and assured me that everything came back fine.  I was not relived.  I knew something was up but I pushed on and hoped it was just still stress and it would pass.  Surely, it didn’t and I could no longer focus on work and things only got worse. 

One morning I woke up and looked at the wall facing my bed as I normally do upon waking.  This time it was different.  The wall that faced my bedroom is covered floor to ceiling in paintings and photographs that I’ve collected over the years.  I know them all intimately yet this morning they were all different.  All the colors were wrong.  My room didn’t seem like my room.  Nothing felt the same.  I told my younger brother Joe, the most positive person I know that I thought I was losing my mind; I was sure I was.  He reassured me I wasn’t and told me to stay positive.  That day we were going to drive into the city and spend time at Joe’s house and the moment I walked outside the colors were so bright and saturated that I knew I was on the presidios of something bad.  A few minutes later, driving down one of the most dangerous roads in Philadelphia I had, what I now know, was a very extreme panic attack.  I passed out and regained consciousness actually feeling better.  I thought maybe everything was better.  Wrong again. I woke up the next day and it was like Ground Hog’s day and the colors were back.  This again.

Knowing I had to explore any and all other options, I found myself in the office of a chiropractor and holistic doctor.  When I heard he was used to treating complex lists of issues, I nearly welled up in relief.  After what seemed like hours of forms and a battery of tests (all new to me) he told me I know exactly what’s wrong.  Make an appointment and we’ll let you know next time and we can start treatment.  One does not know true mixed emotions until they’re told news like that.  I didn’t know what to think except, great can I know now?

My appointment was for the following Friday morning.  A week never went so slow.  Friday came and I went in early.  The doctor greeted me and cut right to the chase, Chris, you have Lyme’s Disease.  You’ve had it for some time and I beat this for my patients all the time.  Wait what, Lyme’s Disease my 80-year-old Uncle has that.  Are you sure that’s what is making me feel this way?

I didn’t know what to think.  I was relieved that I had received the information I so wanted for so long but fearful in my ignorance of the severity of Lyme’s Disease.  He put me on a strict 21-day detox course of his own design informing me that the body can heal itself.  It was made up of 30 or so pills and tinctures of herbs, vitamins, and minerals I took each day.  Sure enough, it worked.  I met with him again and he told me the infection is out of your body but Lyme’s Disease is an inflammatory disease so there is residual inflammation.  To combat the inflammation, I was to lay of gluten.  No problem.  I felt like I had a second chance at life again.  I decided to follow my dreams and move to New York City.  Now life was great.  Six months in I thought, the worst is over, bring back the gluten.  I was wrong again.

If you look at your body’s ability to combat illness as a glass of water, the empty glass meaning prime health and the full glass being a toxic overload, my body was like a full glass with a continual supply of water overflowing in.  I was never going to get better until I emptied my cup and learned how not to fill it again.  That means properly learning how to detox the toxins your body does not need. 

With my new lease on life.  I had a lot of fun, ate a lot of dollar pizza, drank beers when I wanted to, and ultimately didn't have a care in the world! Fast forward 6 months and I was back to that acid trip of a life again.  Only this time there were more symptoms.  Tired all the time, joints hurt, veins hurt, depressed beyond comprehension, stomach issues, involuntary twitches all over my body so bad I could no longer play guitar or drums, anxiety and fear of everything.  I felt like I was down a few pegs from even square one.   How could I begin to combat this again?   I went back to the holistic doctor and he gave me a new regimen but this time it only made things worse!  Now my healer couldn’t heal me. 

I decided to look to the East for guidance and enlisted the help of a Natural Chinese Medicine Doc, the kind that do acupuncture and such.  It was the best decision I ever made in my life.  I was reminded of some simple advice: lay off the gluten, only this time it was accompanied by more: no dairy, sugar or alcohol either.  My new diet was to consist mainly of vegetables and lean protein sources.  Remember how I said I didn’t like vegetables?  25 years of withholding vegetables left my body depleted of countless nutrients and abilities to heal and combat inflammation.  All disease is inflammation.  Cut down inflammation and no more disease.  It’s really that simple. 

My first go-around with healing went well enough.  I took the pills and hoped for the Magic Western Fix but when I didn’t listen to dietary advice I got worse again.  Diet is the cornerstone of how we live our lives, it controls mood, energy, sleep, you name it.  When you get your diet in control and inflammation down, you will have nothing to lose but your previous woes!  In cutting out all these foods of previous comfort (pizza, bagels, cheese steaks), I underwent a serious physical detox but what I did not expect was the spiritual detox I’d undergo as well.  Years of stress, anxiety, depression came back to the surface only to wash away and be gone for good.  With a new set of eyes and appreciation on life, I began to see all the universe as one.  I now understood why certain people felt horrible squashing an innocent bug or why environmental protesters vehemently care the way they do.  Everything is connected and we must treat the world and all its inhabitants with compassion.  With this new set of information and understand on humanity, all I want is to give back and help you realize you can live any life you want if you take the steps and believe it.



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