The Power of Gratitude

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The Power of Gratitude

Being thankful and grateful is one of the most powerful tools and experiences we have at our fingertips.  When you become grateful your body begins to reprogram.  You begin to release hormones that act like anti-depressants except gratitude is free and doesn’t come in pill-form!  The benefits are endless.  Being grateful changes all aspects of your life. 

Once you begin to work on and cultivate a practice of gratitude you begin to see beauty in everything.  The benefits are endless.  In no time, you begin to sleep better, feel more alive, show more love, and even have a stronger immune system.  The list goes on.  It almost becomes impossible to be upset or be sick. 

Even in a moment of despair or sadness if you have a powerful practice of gratitude you can get yourself out of the moment.  It can be as simple as being grateful for your vision, your limbs.  Look around and notice the simple things you’re grateful for every day.  Keeping a gratitude journal is extremely beneficial to cultivating your practice.  Be specific in your journal.  Simply writing the same things you’re grateful every day will not take your practice far, although a good start.  Begin to search for what has truly made you happy that day what you’re thankful for.  Look at the benefits below.

Starting a gratitude practice is such a great kick start to happy new life.  Journaling isn’t the only tool to help cultivate your practice.  Tim Ferriss, the popular writer and podcaster, keeps a gratitude jar.  When he’s thankful for something that happened that day, he writes it down, folds it up and puts it in the jar and reads them back once the jar fills. 

Do whatever feels write to start your journey into a new life filled with thankfulness and gratitude for all things.  



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