The Journey Matters Most: Be Mindful

The Journey Matters Most: Be Mindful

We live in a fast paced society.  Deadlines are everywhere.  Coffee is constantly being brewed to fuel our race.  We're always fixated on doing the most we can at full speed preoccupied on impeding deadlines.  We get burned out.  We get stressed out.  We repeat.   If we take a step back and focus on the journey rather than the destination things will run much smoother.  Suddenly, we won't be as stressed out because we'll be mindful of the moment.

All of you have heard the adage: it's not a sprint it's a marathon.

Runners know this much more.  If you were to try to sprint for the entire 26.2 miles you would burn out very quickly.  There are few animals on Earth capable of running at full-speed for that long, if any.  

When we are mindful we are living fully in the moment.  Nothing is filling our head that is not of immediate concern.  Mindfulness means taking note of your breath, focusing on the task at hand, whether it's an email at work or a brisk walk down the street.  

Visualization is important.  Seeing yourself at the finish line but don't stress if you're not there in an instant.  The word journey comes from Latin, meaning "of one day," not "of an instant."  Journey's take time.  In my own life I have focused too much on the finish line.  Why aren't I better yet?  A snowball effect forms and suddenly the stress of wondering why makes you feel worse than you are.  This is summed up well in a quote by the great Stoic Philosopher, Seneca, "He suffers more than necessary, who suffers before it is necessary."

Be good to yourself, don't judge yourself too hard. Don't let the pressure of life and the pressure of the destination get in the way of the journey. Be in the moment, focus on that.  Everyone's journey is different. Everything is happening exactly when it should.  

The key to all of this really lies in mindfulness.  If you can really work at training your mind to stay in the moment, you will achieve amazing success, health, and an abundance of prosperity.



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