The Art of Make-Believe

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The Art of Make-Believe

When I was small I had an imaginary friend named Pete.  Pete would follow me everywhere and we’d talk.  Normal, right?  One day Pete never came back but my imagination stayed.

Talking to ourselves is quite human although it gets a stigma.  It’s funny because if you were to tell a therapist that you talk to yourself, they’d talk to themselves internally and say, “delusional,” yet they’re doing the very act. 

I was in a constant state of pretend growing up.  As children, we live in a state of constant bliss because we don’t think about outward judgment.  We haven’t learned the evils of the world nor have we learned anxiety.  We just act, we just do.

As a young kid learning to play guitar, I would practice and talk aloud as if I was being interviewed as a very old seasoned rock legend.  I’d go into a solo saying things like, “I remember when we recorded this.  It was a cold day in Detroit, I think I was 24 and had just came back from a tour of Europe…”  Mind you I was 12 or 13 at the time.  I was pretending, or perhaps, I was planting the seeds of what was to come.  That’s the idea I want to stress.  Get weird, trick your brain.  Life is a big game and why not hack it?

Recently I looked at the etymology of the word pretend.  Pre, means before and tend, comes from tendere “to stretch.”  The word means roughly to “stretch in front, put forth, allege.”  This really struck me.  Pretending is simply thinking something before it happens.  If you accept that you can really start creating some amazing realities for yourself. 

What you focus on becomes your reality and if you pretend great things have already happened, soon they will.  Develop the confidence that things have already worked out, skip the step of hoping they will.  It’s all pretending.  “I’m wonder how things have worked out.”  That way of thinking is going to move you towards some inspired action and you won't have to analyze and it'll put you in the way of good things.  It’s all about putting forth and alleging before it’s happened.

Lately, I’ve been trying to get back to my pretending ways.  It’s silly and fun.  When I want something I start talking about how thankful I am that I already have it.  I place myself into the future as something grateful for that amazing thing.  Give it a shot!


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