St. Patrick's Day: Not an Excuse to Party Like it's 1999

St. Patrick's Day: Not an Excuse to Party Like it's 1999

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, a day meant to be remembered for the patron saint of Ireland.  The holiday has been re-appropriated to a day filled with binge drinking and debauchery.  While it’s ok to occasionally let loose and enjoy time with your friends and family remember to be in control.  There’s a fine line between having fun and drinking so much that you’re out of commission for the next few days.


Holidays like St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo and a host of others seem have little to do with their origins anymore.  There’s beauty in the fact that these holidays bring many people together to appreciate one culture.


Where there is beauty there is also a lack of respect and reverence towards that day but that’s not the point of today’s blog.


We don’t need a random holiday to have fun with friends.  St. Patrick’s Day is just the catalyst to bring people together.  It’s centuries-old developed excuse to party.  Party doesn’t have to mean insanity going at full speed. Instead use party to simply mean have fun with company you enjoy.  At its core that’s what it really is.


We don’t need a “holiday” (using quotes because of the disassociation towards the actual day of reverence) to have fun.  All we need is the right attitude, gratitude and love.  With the right attitude, we can have fun no matter what day it is because we are grateful to be alive.  Gratitude brings a feel of abundance and a shift in perspective.  Suddenly you don’t have anything to be anxious about because you find beauty in everything and are happy to be alive. With gratitude of all things there is love.  That’s the winning combination. 


Alcohol, tiny green hats and Irish music is not the winning combo. 


Remember to stay inspired, to not fall off track and if you do, get right back on.  Life is a roller coaster of ebbs and flows but you can’t give up.

Have fun tonight and be safe. 




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