Shedding Layers with the Seasons

Shedding Layers with the Seasons

This weekend is a welcome respite of warmth.  Odd for February, sure, but take the time to live in the moment and embrace it.  Winter is a time for contemplation and grounding.  It’s cold and dark and most time in spent indoors where we can gain a lot of insight into ourselves. 

This winter was a big one for me.  I began meditating daily and used the time to truly work on who I was and who I wanted to become.  It’s never too late to change or put an action into practice!

As the weather breaks and the season changes we shed layers both metaphorically and physically. In the colder months, it’s important to eat heavier, denser foods, to pack on the few extra pounds for warmth that we are meant to do evolutionarily.  Our bodies are designed to be heavier in the winter and lighter and spryer in the warmer months.  When the weather begins to warm up we shed those extra pounds and replace heavier food for lighter meals.  

Spring is also the time to put your months of contemplation into practice.  If you don’t, it was all for naught.  It’s important to put into practice what you know you need to work on.  It’s not easy, it takes a strong sense of awareness and willpower to change.  Create the experience you want.  Change is not easy but that’s why this formative change can be saved for warmer weather.  It’s ok if you weren’t meditating all winter long like a monk in a cave waiting for warmth and sunshine but I’m sure you were in a state of deeper contemplation than you realize.  Thinking about that diet you want to start, that project in the backyard you’ve been putting off.  The list goes on.

So, this weekend get outside, take a walk, make a fresh salad and embrace the weather.  Even if mother nature has another taste of cold for us live in the moment and enjoy.  Use this weekend as a practice for the coming months.  Take it one step at a time.


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