Get Ready to Breathe in That Fresh Autumn Air

Get Ready to Breathe in That Fresh Autumn Air

There’s a lot of change going on in the world.  Socially, politically, seasonally, and energetically. The world is going through a massive shift right now and the only hope for an answer or solution lies in solidarity. 

I’m not here to give my political beliefs or opinions so I’ll focus on the changing season and how it affects us all.  With the coming season’s shift toward colder weather, we can expect out sinuses to act up and our mood start to slip as the days get shorter and less bright.  The awareness of this shift, alone, will help bring about a more peaceful transition.  

In the colder months, we tend to crave more carbohydrates, feel less social, and have trouble sleeping or want to sleep more often.  There are lots of reasons this happens backed by science but I believe the majority problem relies in resistance.  Resistance of the cold, resistance of change.  Most of us are resistant to change.  It’s in our nature to crave comfort. 

Autumn is the season where those hot days become shorter and the leaves change to a beautiful color before they fall to fertilize the Earth.  The example of the leaves changing to a beautiful color before death is a beautiful example of the contrast of life in order for new life.  It is all a big example of transition.  Contrast is a very important concept to stay aware of.  It will keep you chugging along on those tough days.  For all the bad, or what we perceive is bad, good is around the corner.  Just as those leaves show their most beautiful colors, they’re gone in an instant.  It’s the necessary contrast. 

This autumn you should try to focus on organization, setting limits, and protecting your boundaries.  Like animals borough to hoard food, we too should take from their example.  It’s a time to take a break from the fast-moving nature of summer.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, autumn in associated with the lungs. Breathing in that fresh crisp air will help balance the body.

This autumn I urge you to breath deep.  Let go of all unwanted waste.  Take a walk.  Reorganize and again, remember to breathe.



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