From Beef-Based to Plant-Based

From Beef-Based to Plant-Based

I’ve always been up for trying new things to better my health and wellness.  My propensity towards these changes started young.  When I was in 10th grade I was a skinny little twerp.  For biology class that year, we went to the school gym to measure our heart rates after completing sets of pushups.  I could barely do ten.  Honestly, I could barely do five.

It didn’t matter that other kids were busting out sets of 50, I was only concerned with myself.  I needed a change.  I enlisted my friend from down the road to help me.  He had started working out the year prior with his football team and saw tremendous results fast.   Within a few days, I was a member of Gold’s Gym.

Soon, I became obsessed.  I read everything I could about working out and gaining weight.  My journey began then.  I knew I needed to gain weight so I set up a diet plan that would add calories and set up feeding times throughout the day, just about every 2-3 hour

Mornings were packed with eggs and oatmeal, a protein bar or 2 a few hours later, a lunch of protein packed sandwich, fruit and another protein bar.  After school, I worked out and had a protein shake immediately following.  Dinner would be a large meal of chicken and rice and a protein shake before bed.  Rinse and repeat.  I got very strong on this diet but things were still missing.  I was still tired all the time and not as adding as much lean muscle as I’d like. 

Notice something missing from my diet? Vegetables.  The Western Idea of working out and gaining weight is protein, protein, protein.  Protein is important, yet according to Dr. Garth Davis, MD, a weight loss surgeon at the Davis Clinic and a vegan, “the average human being needs 40 grams of protein a day.”  Yes, a day, you didn’t read wrong.  There are countless plants and plant based foods packed with protein. 

Although it sounds controversial, the high protein diet and the studies are/were funded by the meat, dairy and egg industries themselves. Food heals, food can heal, but if this widely known a lot of businesses wouldn’t be in business and it just so happens that these businesses are some of the biggest. 

Plants are the original medicine.  All the facts we know about food and health are from advertising campaigns.  Drink your milk, it’s good for your bones.  These are myths fueled by industries to push business.  Call me crazy but stop and think about it.  Need calcium? Have some chia seeds, they’re packed to the brim with calcium and additionally are a complete source of protein.

As I spoke about before, I battled with chronic illness and found healing through a major change in diet.  It’s been almost a year and certain things were still affecting me.  I still didn’t have the energy I wanted nor the spirit I wanted.  My gut still bothered me too.  I noticed on days I went without meat or eggs I felt invigorated and much more alert.  Oh – I should say I’m only on day 3 of no meat, so stick around for much more about this new journey!

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  • Pippa

    I too started a Plant-Based eating lifestyle around the time you did. How’s it going? I’d love to read more about your journey with the new eating style. I’m finding it somewhat easy and don’t miss the meat, I do however miss the eggs and cheese. I immediately lost a few pounds the first few weeks, but have not lost any energy. I’m training for the Lake Placid 70.3 Relay (bicycle leg) and my training has gone without a hitch. Keep up the good work. Love your products. I bought 2 pairs of Tri socks (Love, Laugh, Live) for my 70.3 teammates. We will wear them after we each finish our leg of the Tri! I’ll take photos if you’re interested.

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