This month at Inspyr we’re very excited to share with you a new partnership with  Our founder, John Cawley, overcame addiction 17 years ago and has devoted his life to giving back and spreading awareness of the dangers of addiction.  John started Inspyr in 2013; what started as a sock business has blossomed into a haven for inspiration that has transcended far beyond socks.  

            Each week in March we will explore a new theme based around the inspiring messages on our socks and John will answer a few questions.  The theme for this week is courage.  Courage is the fundamental first step in become aware that you have a problem.  You must have courage to be aware.  Courage takes stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself.  Without the slight hardship of being momentarily uncomfortable you will never truly conquer your dreams and overcome. 


Here is the first installment of questions if the first week of our partnership.


What pushed you to reach out partner with 

I wanted to work with an organization that would directly influence the decision making of parents and kids. After speaking with Kaila from, I felt a strong connection of true empowerment.  I also wanted to work with a nationally recognized non-profit so that our message could reach a wide audience.


What are your hopes and goals for this partnership?

My hopes for the foundation are that they continue to grow as an advocate for parents and teens to understand the dangers of drugs. My goal for our partnership is to raise money for them so that they may continue to be that voice for information about drug abuse. I look forward to speaking on their behalf of how overcoming drug addiction is reachable with the right mindset and strong desires to want more out of life. 


Where did you find the courage to overcome your addiction and then devote your life to giving back?

I knew deep inside of me that I wanted more than what an addictive life had to offer me. I wanted to be known for being a good person and not an addict.  Reminding myself that was the life I was leading hurt me inside and I found the willpower to quit cold. Once I knew what being clean was like I realized how much more fun life was. The new life I received had to be paid forward in some way. Giving back to people is how I've paid it forward for the new life I received. 


How can someone look into themselves and find courage to overcome?

The only way to develop courage in yourself is to tackle the issues that present themselves in everyday life. Avoiding issues or pressures lead people to find alternate ways of dealing with the situation, one is doing drugs to compensate for the issue. Working on self-control in your life will develop into confidence and confidence builds courage. Courage is part confidence and self-control. 


Join us next week for another installment.



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