Busy Work Does Not Equal Productivity

Busy Work Does Not Equal Productivity

Many times, our activities have merit on the surface but often are used take us away from the stresses of life and important things on hand.  What I’m talking about is busy work.  We’re all guilty of this at times.  I’m one of those people who can’t sit still for very long.  I’m always fiddling with something, starting a project, not finishing said project, moving on to something else and so on all the while telling myself I’m not doing enough. 

Often, people use this behavior as a substitute to disassociate themselves from emotional instability.  I really don’t want to do x, let me reorganize underneath the kitchen sink instead.  This sort of behavior is not productive.  It’s a bad habit.  Meaningless activity for the sake of moving does not equal productivity.  It’s an addiction to activity. 

We do this sort of thing to silence the voice in our head, our anxieties.  What’s better and more productive is to tackle that voice head on.  Normally, if you sit with that thought you’ll realize there wasn’t much to be anxious about.  Oh, and that thing you’re doing to get away from your anxieties is only driving you farther away from inner peace.  

We all want to quite the inner criticism but our activity is what helps us manifest our dreams so why not only focus on what you want instead of running to clean the kitchen sink?

Behavior is a tool.  We use what we do to get us places, to manifest dreams.  Our focus is just as important a tool.  So, if we Focus our Behavior on busyness rather than productivity we get farther away from manifest our dreams.  If we use behavior as a productive tool and consciously choose our behavior we start to achieve amazing results.  Don’t do things just to make yourself feel like you’ve done something because on a cosmic level what did you really do?  Did it make a difference in your life and bring you closer to inner peace?

Moving forward, consciously look at all your activity.  Is what you’re doing productive and aligned with your goals?  Or is it busywork distracting yourself from what you really want while giving you a false sense of productivity?



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