Without awareness of our surrounding, our self or body we are nothing but drones shooting in the dark, trying to navigate our way through.  If we take a second to be aware, we ground ourselves in the moment and steer more clearly through our lives.  This is not an easy fix, it will take time to practice being aware. 

Distractions take hold of us and steal our attention all day long.  Simply returning to the task at hand whenever you find your mind drifting is the simple solution.

Your mind will wander, we are not perfect.  Human beings think around 50,000 thoughts a day.  A lot of those thoughts will be clutter, not related to the task at hand or anything relevant to progress.  When you find yourself drifting, simply return.  This may happen 100 times a day, maybe 1000 times a day.  That’s ok.  It is important to cultivate a non-judgmental approach in regards to these thoughts.  The only important thing is that you return. 

Try to keep a daily to-do list.  This adds a level of accountability to your actions.  When we write out what we wish to accomplish that day our subconscious helps in our favor.  Returning to what needs to be completed and crossing off what has been done will help greatly in keeping your mind aware.  

There’s an old adage, “idle hands are the Devils’ playmates.”  Even from a non-secular point of view one can interpret and apply the phrase.  When we are off in our heads we often conjure up every possible thought but what is necessary.  Negative thought conjuring can easily take ahold of us.  It’s easy to make excuses and play the victim but if you look for light and return your awareness you will find happiness even if it’s at the end of the tunnel.  But if you look for darkness that is all you’ll see.  Awareness is the light.

Awareness is the ability to directly acknowledge, feel and perceive events as they’re happening.   

Once we work on this skill we will better be able to navigate through life.  We will get the things done we need and want to.  We will not waste time thinking about unimportant and irrelevant topics.  We will realize our dreams and we will be more in tune with the present moment.  Once we are locked in, mindful and aware of the moment all aspects of life will begin to run more smoothly. 


After we work on nurturing our awareness skills we can better enact change in ourselves and then in turn, the world.  Only with a truly worked out sense of awareness can we truly Inspyr


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