Top messages for college care packages!

Miss them?  Chances are, they miss you too - even if they don't admit it.  Put a little something in their next package to remind them you care!

1.  LOVE

Of course this is the obvious choice!  $14.00

2.  No Limit


You know the sky's the limit for your special student.  They'll remember that too - every time they put on their No Limit socks!   $14.00

3.  Dream It


They've taken the first step on the journey to living their dreams.  Remind them that setting goals can help them achieve all they desire with "Dream It" ankle socks.   $11.00

4. Live, Laugh, Love

You know it can be hard at school sometimes - remind them to make the most of it, make friends, and have fun!  3 socks come in a package so they can mix up their message.  $16.00

5.  Work Hard

But it's not all fun and games.  Remind them who's paying the bills and who needs to hit the books.!  $14.00

6.  I Can - I Will


It can be tough to stay on track when you're home sick or have a tough exam coming up.  Keep them motivated in "I Can - I Will" ankle socks.  $8.00