The top 5 empowering message socks for Dad's big day!

This year, let the Dads in your life know how meaningful their place in your world is by giving a gift that they will love!

1.  Hustle Heart

Dad's the guy with the Hustle AND the Heart.  $14.00

2.  It's My Turn

Poor Dad, he's always putting himself last on the list.  Give him his special day and let him go first!  $11.00

3. Never Fear Less

Dad is FEARLESS - NEVER FEAR when Dad is here!  Three socks in the package make multiple messages.  $16.00

4.  Courage

Show Dad he's your hero with "Courage" crew socks.  $14.00

5.  Work Hard Play

Who works harder or plays harder than Dad?  Three socks in the package let's him pick his message to match his mood.  $16.00