Inspyr partners with Sox in a Box Club

Inspyr Socks and Sox in a Box Club; Perfect together


Now that the world we live in is going a hundred miles an hour and there is sometimes no time to shop for cool socks, Sox in a Box Club has come to the rescue.

Sox in Box Club reached out to Inspyr Socks a month ago about our empowering messaging socks. The owner Zlatko Bijelic, an entrepreneur at heart and a big fan of motivational messages, said that we had to be a part of Sox in Box Club. Of course I asked him why and Zlatko replied to me, “your message will resonate with the fast paced lifestyles of my fan base and your quality matches exactly what they want in an athletic-lifestyle sock. Plus, how do we go wrong with an inspirational and empowering message?”  You don’t!

What we liked the most about Sox in a Box were the sock variety, options for the amount you desire, quality of socks, and fair pricing. However, the best part was how easy the site is to navigate. The site is truly so simple to use that our parents could cruise it without an issue. Sorry mom and dad, but it’s the truth :)

Everyone that knows Inspyr Socks knows that we would not get behind a brand that didn’t believe in making a difference in people’s lives.  Sox in a Box Club brings convenience to your doorsteps each month with totally cool socks - and now a sock that actually could make a huge difference in your life.  Take a moment and go check them out.

 Thanks everyone for your continued support.


John Cawley