The Negative Impact of Self-doubt and How to Erase It

Almost everyone has, at least once in life, experienced a serious moment of self-doubt. It is a serious issue that can hurt you both personally and professionally and scar you for life. It makes you feel inadequate, insecure, and at points, overwhelmed. And no matter how you look at it, it is your battle.

Self-doubt is not a condition unique to you

Various environments, behaviors, and situations may trigger self-doubt. You are not alone in experiencing these feelings.

You need to question it, inside out.

The way we think about ourselves can be influenced and manipulated by our surroundings. Faulty patterns of thinking about ourselves can be very harmful so you should always question and test your doubts. Are they realistic? How sure are you that you’re not overreacting? 

When experiencing any self-doubt, you should take some time to reflect on its cause(s). If you have a hard time remembering them, you can try keeping a journal. Open a page and reflect on your feelings, challenge your doubt and beliefs. It’s the most crucial step towards positive reframing.

Seek advice and support from your peers and mentors

Typically, your self-doubt arises when you close in on yourself and continue burrowing deeper. Nothing in the world can help alleviate problems with self-doubt like reaching out to a friend, peer or mentor.

Humans are social beings, and research has shown that positive support, the warmth of a loved one, and advice from an experienced person can directly reduce self-doubt.

Try to relax and distract yourself

It might sound like a cliché, but it is proven to help in these situations. 

By merely taking a breather or engaging in other activities to pull your mind away from the negativism may help you shift your focus to a more positive side of the whole situation.

Self-talk and visualization are tested practices

Take a minute to talk to yourself. Most athletes do this to improve their performance on the field, and you should try it out as well. After all, you are your favorite champion of all times. Cheer yourself up!

Picture yourself in a scenario you might feel uncomfortable in – visualize your behavior and analyze your actions. It will help you enact the skills and practice needed to succeed when you find yourself in that situation.

Set a specific set of goals, achievable ones

Goals are important because they provide direction. Having a target placed on the desired outcome helps you plan. You can put your time and effort into achieving it and shift to a more positive focus while working on its development. And this is truly important as it helps you persist and leave less room for self-doubt along the way.

Erase the self-doubt with each little victory

Although not an experience unique to you, self-doubt is a personal battle. You need to stop feeding it and overcome your inner critic. Bit by bit, with each little victory along the way, you are on your way to win a battle of a lifetime. You are your greatest champion. 

Remember this every morning as you pull your socks on, and keep it like a mantra - “be courageous!” Moments of doubt can’t be avoided. That’s why it’s important to learn how to focus on the positive side of things and motivate yourself, and Inspyr Gear is here to help!

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