The Benefits of Working Out with a Fitness Buddy

Having a fitness buddy will help you have fun, stay motivated, and achieve your fitness goals! 

Do you have an exercise buddy? We go into detail on why working out with a friend can bring you great social and physical benefits and make you feel generally good about yourself.

  1. Increase your sense of accountability

If you're like most people, you're more likely to commit to appointments you make with other people than keep promises you've only made to yourself. When you have an exercise buddy, it motivates you to go to the gym at the time agreed. It is easier to get into the habit of exercising consistently when you know someone else is counting on you to show up.

  1. Urge you to try new things 

Becoming bored with a routine is a common reason why people eventually give up exercising. The trick is to keep things exciting by trying different exercisee. Different exercises not only prevent boredom but help you strengthen different muscle groups. 

However, people are often hesitant to try new things on their own. Trying a new exercise routine can be less scary if you go with a friend who can give you courage and support. 

Whether it's a new sport, a fun new recreational activity, or a group class you're too afraid to go to on your own, having an exercise buddy can encourage you to try a new exercise.

  1. Spot you when you lift weights 

Having someone there to spot you while you are lifting weights means there's someone to help you in case anything goes wrong. With some weightlifting exercises, it's essential to have a spotter to help prevent injury. However, if either you or your fitness buddy need help with your spotting technique, ask for the assistance of a certified trainer.

  1. Push you to work harder and aim higher

Sometimes working out in a group makes you push yourself harder. You probably won't skip the last few repetitions if you know someone is watching. A friend can make you feel competitive, and we mean it in a good way! When you think you're ready to give up, looking at your friend still working hard might provide the surge in energy and confidence you need to keep going.

And when you prove to yourself you can get through those last few repetitions, you start to realize how many amazing things you are capable of. The best part is this boost of confidence will transfer into other areas of your life as well.

  1. Benefit from socializing

The majority of people love spending time with others. Group exercises are a great way to have fun and have a laugh while getting the workout you need! Many people who attend a fitness class together become good friends along the way. Putting down your phones and getting involved in a group exercise can give you a real connection with others as you work out.

It's time to get out of the house and take your fitness buddy with you. Don't forget to bring your Inspyrgear workout gear!

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