Procrastination as a Success Killer

We’ve all been there – regardless of how committed or well-organized we were, instead of spending time on school or work-related projects, we found ourselves watching TV, spending time on social media, or doing other things. Procrastination is a known success killer that can have a major impact on one’s life.

Why People Procrastinate?

Instead of doing what they need to do, people often find various rationalization or excuses to avoid it. That way, they are justifying their negative behavior. The key reasons why people procrastinate include:

  • Not wanting to do something;
  • Not being in the mood for it;
  • Not knowing how to do something or what needs to be done;
  • Not caring if the thing gets done or when it gets done;
  • Believing that you can finish it at the last minute;
  • The habit of waiting until the last moment;
  • Waiting for the right moment;
  • Delaying the thing in favor of dealing with another;
  • Blaming poor health or sickness, and;
  • Not having the initiative to begin.

By looking at all these reasons why people procrastinate, we can identify the three main ones, and they are:

  • Our intentions are vague and weak;
  • We feel uncomfortable upon meeting a challenging task, and;
  • We get easily distracted.

Fear stands at the basis of these three major reasons for procrastination. All those reasons are, in a way, means of hiding or covering that fear from ourselves. If the task at hand is challenging (more difficult to complete or more complex), we fear that we might fail and let ourselves down as well as those around it. That fear is bolstered by vague and weak intentions that fail to give us a clear path to success that we need to follow. We are left second-guessing our actions and unable to make a decision. Distractions come into play as a way to regulate the fear – it’s better that others think we lack effort rather than ability.

Then, we get distracted or procrastinate. We put off what we know we must do, ending up trying to give ourselves and others an illusion of progress.

The Killer of Success

By knowing the most common consequences of procrastination, it will be a lot clearer why it kills success. Procrastination will:

  • Waste time

Time flies, and nothing can stop it. That’s why it is so precious, and you are wasting it while procrastinating. Probably the worst thing about it is starting to realize that you’re a few years older, while nothing in your life has changed much. You had the time to make progress, but you didn’t.

  • Lower your self-esteem

People with low self-esteem tend to procrastinate more often. But the truth is that procrastinating makes it even lower. You keep asking yourself what’s wrong with you, and the doubt never seems to leave. Slowly but surely, it is eating away your confidence.

  • Miss opportunities

Opportunities are missed when we fail to take advantage of them. Some of them could be life-changing, but we don’t realize that until they are gone. Do yourself a favor – when the next one comes, grab it with both hands!

There are many ways to stop procrastinating, but as with any other bad habits, the first step is recognizing that you are doing it, that it affects your life negatively, and that it has to stop. Don’t let it take over your life, but surround yourself with empowering people for motivation, and start taking the necessary actions to fight it off!

The one thing you need to understand is that the only limits that exist are imposed by no one other than yourself. The moment you start believing that you can and you will is the moment when your procrastination will receive the first punch. Inspyr Gear will always be there to remind you that you should fear less and dream big.

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