Inspyr Ambassadors

Perri Goldstein

The most important thing that Perri learned after her bout with suicidal depression is that self-esteem, confidence, and being able to tune in and have control over one’s thoughts is what is truly empowering. A healthy and fitness lifestyle is what had a huge effect on how she felt from day to day! When she saw that she could control a small portion of her life through fitness, Perri quickly felt that it was her responsibility to do so. That gave her the energy (both physical and mental) to live her life to the fullest. After saying she would never go to an NJ Ultra, she went there for five years in a row! No wonder her favorite Inspyr message is “NEVER QUIT.”

What makes Perri feel alive? It’s the silence that lets her feel the heartbeat in her chest. It’s the feeling of tuning into her thoughts and being able to turn negative ones into positive. She cuts out all external stimuli and tunes into her own rhythm.

When we asked Perri to give us a few words of wisdom, she told us that there’s no use to fixate on what we don’t want to happen or what we don’t have. Because people attract what they think about the most. It is a simple truth about the Universe, yet many people fail to see it. Focus on your dreams, work, and be patient – the Universe will ultimately reward you.


Heather Gollnick

“I CAN, I WILL” is what Heather Gollnick keeps saying to herself. At a young age, she got into gymnastics and participated at a collegiate level. Shortly after college, she decided to try herself as a professional Triathlete, competing for the next ten years. As a Triathlete, Heather learned that the tough try harder when the going gets tough! So, what did she do? She competed in 37 Ironman competitions and won 5.

“In my late 40s, I found OCR and competed in the Spartan Pro team.”

One of Heather’s favorite Inspyr messages is “BE COURAGEOUS” because that was what kept her going all these years. Today, she is thankful that she can still do sports and fitness at a high level, staying in shape and focused at all times. She has three college children, all attending Liberty University in Virginia. So, she moved from Colorado to Virginia with her husband, and now she is the head men’s and women’s Triathlon coach at Liberty University.

When we met Heather Gollnick, we saw what feeding and following one’s passion can mean to one’s life and success. Heather has put her heart into sports and has been living life to the fullest ever since!


Danny C

Going for 30+ miles and passing 70 obstacles in the Spartan Ultra in NJ is something that Danny never thought he could accomplish. But guess what – he did it twice!

However, Danny wasn’t always a top-notch athlete. There were times when he was overweight and felt tired all the time. It’s what motivated him to turn his life around, and his first goal was to run a 5k. Getting fit enough for that took a while, but once he completed a 3-mile run, he realized that it was all worth it! The real sense of satisfaction and accomplishment lies right there, in staying motivated and working towards long-term goals. After that, Danny began to experiment by signing up for more races and trying HIIT workouts.

As Danny saw that it’s all about setting goals and getting things done, his favorite Inspyr message is “I CAN. I WILL.” That’s what speaks to him the most because fitness and training have taught him that there are no excuses. The only way to feel good, energized, and confident is to put in the hard work!

Danny wanted us to know that we should be grateful. Regardless of where you are in your fitness journey, there will always be those who would want to be in your place. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to be able even to try. Be grateful and learn to appreciate the hard work that got you where you are today!


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