How to Fit Fitness into Your Busy Working Mom Schedule

You don’t usually think about exercising when you’re a working mother with one or two jobs. When there’s some free time, you’d rather sleep through it, convinced that you have no energy for a full body workout. However, things are quite the opposite – exercise is a natural booster of personal power, and that’s what working mothers need, right? Well, all you need is a plan and a goal to strive for, and we’ll show you how to fit fitness into your busy working mom schedule.

Have a vision that motivates you

Exercise may be relevant for different reasons. Is it to stay healthy, stay fit, or lose the baby weight? Next, write down a few motivational mantras you can tell yourself when you lack motivation. For example, think of how energized you feel after a workout session. It will help you lose the ideal weight, be as quick as your children, and carry more groceries from the store. Find a vision that will get you moving.

Set your workout space

Set your workout space within or beside your kids’ playroom. They might join in for a minute and then wander off to play around. All you need is some essential equipment and space about the size of a yoga mat.

Schedule your workout sessions like an appointment

Plan out your workout schedule, so you’re more likely to stick to it. You can take advantage of your kids’ lunchtime or naptime to go for a run or do a weight workout. You can take the kids out for some fresh air and do some cardio while they’re playing. If you could workout before or after or during a break from work, grab that chance, don’t wait it out.

Combine exercise and playtime

You can have your kids join in or at least count your reps for you. While playing with them, you can do routines while standing, or on the floor using your exercise bands. Make working out fun by including your children. Volleyball, basketball, tennis, or throwing a frisbee around are great for older kids. Show them how to do bodyweight exercises, lunges, or shoulder carry squats. Turn your kids into little human kettlebells; they love being included and feeling like they are doing big kid things.

Remind yourself that it’s a mood-booster

Many women are stuck between the demands of family, motherhood, relationships, and work. There are lots of obligations that can wear you out, so it’s important to remind yourself of all the benefits that regular exercise brings to your mental and physical wellbeing. It is a natural mood-booster because during exercise our brain secretes the happy hormones (endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine). And we can thank them for that happy feeling after the workout. Maintaining a regular workout routine can reduce stress and anxiety in our lives.

To stay healthy and fit, we need to maintain a regular exercise routine. Until we make it a habit, we will find ourselves making various excuses for missing a workout not to feel guilty. But remember, after a busy day at work, there’s nothing that can boost your mood and make you feel energized better than high-intensity training. Even if it is no longer than half an hour, everything adds up. Inspyr Gear is there to help you stay motivated with our motivational socks. Inspyr will remind you that you can, and you will stay on track!

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