Fitness Trends to Engage in 2019

Trends come, and trends go. Every day we learn about new inventions or lifestyle philosophies that people adopt to help them develop or improve their lives. However, not all trends are created equal – some of them are quickly forgotten, while others end up becoming staples. New times bring new needs and wants, and these fitness trends for 2019 are expected to take over living rooms, fitness studios, and gyms across the world. If you’re looking for new ways to get in shape and stay fit, we’ve got you covered.

The Return of Functional Training

Functional fitness is expected to be an area of growth by many fitness and health professionals. The gym is the best way to prepare for carrying heavy things in your everyday life. In both individual and group training, workout programs will aim to help people prepare for how they actually use their bodies. For example, the loaded carry is one of the most underrated exercises, and you’re performing it whenever you carry groceries from the store to your house. The loaded carry can be an excellent way to get stronger, burn fat, build muscle, and prepare for everyday activities that will no longer be wearing you out.

Variety is the Key for Fitness Success

Fusion workouts are those that combine a variety of different modalities, such as strength training, yoga, cycling, and boxing. They will continue to rise in popularity because people are starting to realize the disadvantages of doing the same workout for extended periods. Sticking to the same workout program isn’t an inherently bad idea, and the problem lies in the fact that the human body is excellent at adaptation. After a while, you still may feel the psychological benefits but not necessarily the physiological ones. That’s why the idea of regularly changing workout modules is becoming more appealing.

HIIT Workouts Will Keep Gaining Momentum

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) will continue to boast a large following this year as well because it delivers results. More variations will emerge because HIIT has been popular for a long time (especially in terms of how it is applied to both individual and group workouts). Also, HIIT patrons are beginning to realize that too much of HIIT is unnecessary. Thus, shorter HIIT formats will become more popular, while group HIIT formats will feature a wider variety of shorter classes. With shorter and more intense workouts, HIIT devotees feel like they’re getting great results with less time-consuming training.

Group Training

Group training has been proven to be an excellent workout solution for those struggling to motivate themselves to work out regularly. It’s a great way to soak in the energy that comes from working out with others. Personal trainers and instructors lead group classes to make the workout motivational, effective, and safe while enabling people to connect with like-minded individuals. When surrounded by people who are after the same goals, we feel a sense of community, and we’re more likely to stay accountable and motivated for our workouts.

A Step Away from Technology

More and more people want to come to a fitness studio or gym because they want to disconnect. This year, we will see an increase in the use of breathing techniques, float tanks, mediation, and other methods of enhancing the mind-body connection.

All of these trends that are expected to be more prevalent in 2019 are accessible to everyone. As you may see for yourself, there’s no special game-changing fitness trend that will emerge and change the fitness game. We will likely see the growth and evolution of existing trends.

Making the initial step and finding ways to stay motivated is essential to your fitness journey. Inspyr Gear is there to help you stay committed and move past the initial discomfort with a boost of motivation. Set your fitness milestones and stay focused.

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