Can the Changing Seasons Affect Our Fitness and Moods?

As the leaves begin to change and the wind gets a little colder, you know it is time to start adapting your fitness routine and attire for the coming season. While the change of season might appear smooth and seamless, it might not be the case for people. Many people report that a change of season affects their mood and, consequently, their fitness. A change in mood can alter our health, sleep, and general behavior. It is no surprise that our levels of physical activity can take a hit as well. In fact, this feeling is so prevalent that the condition has been named a medical disorder - Seasonal Affective Disorder. With such a sudden change in our environment, what are some of the things we should be aware of to stay focused and in peak physical performance?

Don’t Blame the Weather

A change in season is not only a change in the weather, but it is also a complete change in our habits and daily rituals. We are faced with a lot of new things, such as holidays that draw ever so near, a lot of unhealthy food, shorter days, and of course, the start of the dreaded flu season. A combination of all this can leave us feeling unmotivated and drained of energy, concentration, and drive. While these things are unavoidable, there are steps that one can take to avoid the pitfalls that come with the changing seasons and everything it entails.

Work on Your Mindset

Many of us have heard the saying, what you think, you experience. The change of season is the perfect time to put this saying into practice. Take the time to sit and work on your mindset and focus on your goals. Visualize what your fitness goals are for this season, how you would like to look and feel like when it is over and then try to put it into words or on paper. Once you know what you want to achieve, work out a rough plan of how you will go about doing it. Make the plan simple and straightforward. With a clear goal and workable steps, you will be ready to face the changing season with a can-do attitude. 

Incorporate Winter Activities

Instead of being rigid and thinking that your workouts have to follow just one set of exercises, you can try incorporating some winter activities. It might be time to plan a ski trip, learn to snowboard, or visit an ice rink. A hike through mountains, or an hour of cycling might be a great activity during the warmer seasons, but adapting to your surroundings can help you stay physically fit and learn some new skills.

A change in season is not without a change in mood. The trick in overcoming the slump and thriving during this cold period lies in your mindset and approach. This might require a little extra effort initially, but it will pay off when the season comes to an end. Keep yourself motivated and your feet warm during these cold periods with motivational workout socks

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