Boys and Girls Club of America – Guidance and Mentoring Kids in the U.S.

Boys and Girls Club of America is one of the most important national organizations that care for young people with after-school programs. Their mission is to help young people (especially those in need) to reach their full potential as responsible, caring, and productive citizens. They reach about 4.3 million young people annually, and the impact they make on the U.S. society is unquestionable. Some of their partners include Disney, Turner, Fox Sports, and Comcast NBCUniversal. They are only some among many that support the organization through in-kind contributions, employee involvement, and funding.

About the Boys and Girls Club of America

Founded in Connecticut in 1860, BGCA serves millions of young people aged 6-18 thanks to the help and participation of more than 4,000 boys and girls. They are present in every state and U.S. military installations across the world. Youth development professionals are there in every Club to provide the young with guidance and mentoring to:

  • Encourage healthy and active lifestyles.
  • Foster good citizenship and character.
  • Help them graduate from high school with clear plans for their future.

The Club is found in big cities and small towns, in public housing communities and on Native lands to provide fun and safe out-of-school experiences that nurture their desire to achieve great things in life, love of learning, personal growth, and their willingness to serve the community.

BGCA Programs

BGCA has a variety of programs to empower the nation’s youth, such as:

  • Torch Club. A small-group club for both boys and girls aged 11-13 that helps meet the needs of young adolescents at a critical stage in their lives.
  • DIY Stem. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The Club’s activity-based, hands-on curriculum connects kids aged 9-12 with science themes they encounter in everyday life.
  • Be There. The program provides Clubs with strategies, resources, and training to become better at supporting children who are grieving.
  • Tech Girls Rock.Tech Girls Rock involves unique workshops aimingto create and cultivate an interest in STEM educational opportunities and careers among girls.
  • LGBTQ Inclusion. The program is there to offer a positive and safe environment for youth, families, and staff of all gender expressions, gender identities, and sexual orientations.
  • MyFuture. A tech initiative that lets Club members of all ages use tablets, smartphones, and computers to socialize, learn, play, and connect with their peers. Whenever they make an accomplishment, kids earn badges and stars as digital recognition.

BGCA is On a Mission to Help

The high school dropout rate in the U.S. has declined over the last few decades, but it remains high enough for the country to keep fighting the dropout crisis. Many public high school students are not graduating on time, so BGCA is on a mission to see each one of their club members graduate from high school. Some of the education programs they offer their members include a financial literacy program, academic goal-setting program, and tutoring and homework help program.

The Club is also concerned with children’s health issues, such as engaging in risky behaviors, premature sexual activity, drug abuse, and childhood obesity. Their initiatives offer programs that address many of these concerns by helping youth resist risky life choices. Also, they help to build resiliency to negative influences, strengthen their leadership abilities, and enhance their life skills.

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