Benefits of Fitness Devices for Health and Fitness Tracking

In the last few years, there’s been a lot of talk about the negative effects of personal technology. Social networks make us antisocial, auto-playing episodes on Netflix leads to binge-watching, and notifications keep us glued to our smartphones. Many apps are designed to capture our attention, keep us engaged, and ingrain habits that may be quite unhealthy. However, fitness trackers have a whole different purpose. Take a look at all the benefits of fitness technology when it comes to boosting motivation and physical performance.

Tracking Workout Stats

Not everyone trains the same way, meaning that we all want to track a different combination of stats. For example, Fitbit Ionic is a device that offers onboard GPS for accurate distance, pace, split time, elevation climbed, as well as a map for your ride, run, or walk. Also, it comes with continuous heart rate reporting, has an internal timer, exercise mode for capturing real-time stats, and water resistance up to 50 meters.

Monitor Your Fitness Level

Fitbit devices, such as Ionic, Blaze, Charge 2, and Alta HR, are equipped with a Cardio Fitness Score feature. It estimates your VO2max, which is a measurement of how well your body uses oxygen during activity. Run a flat course for 10 minutes with GPS, and turn on the multisport mode to get the most precise score.

Stay Hydrated

You know that you need to stay hydrated during the day, and even more when you’re training. But how much water do you need to drink exactly? This is not static because the amount of water and sodium people use varies greatly. To  help you create a personalized hydration plan and understand your individual needs, some devices allow you to perform a sweat test. The test can calculate your sweat rate and give advice on how much water you need to replenish the loss of fluids.

Form Healthy Habits

Forming healthy exercise and eating habits takes time. Working out and avoiding junk food for one day won’t make you more fit. Having a fitness tracker on your hand or phone will consistently remind and motivate you to make healthier choices in life. Once you manage to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine, you won’t have to work out and eat salads every day to live a healthy life.

Making Sleep a Priority

Increasing overall health, improving concentration and memory power, reducing stress, and keeping depression away, there’s nothing that a regular, good night’s sleep can’t help. Many people spend their nights on laptops or phones, losing track of time. A fitness tracker will always remind you when it’s time to sleep and provide you with a conventional sleep routine.

Connect to a Community of Fitness Enthusiasts

Many fitness tracker apps provide access to virtual communities. There, you can connect with like-minded people that have a passion for swimming, running, cycling, hiking, walking, strength training, cardio, and more. There, you can find encouragement, inspiration, make new friends, and ask questions about any topic related.

Depending on the device, you can track caloric intake, calories burned, steps, heart rate, and even sleep. All with the aim to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle, fitness trackers provide different incentives and help you keep going when things get tough. Throw on a pair of inspirational socks from Inspyr Gear, and you’ll have all you need to train hard and reach your daily milestone.

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