Be the Best Version of Yourself in 2019 With These Easy Tips

Are you ready for a change? Then you must commit to it! Or you can wait for the day you’ll wake up and decide to get healthier, and then a month later you’ll achieve it. Unfortunately, those days don’t exist. They’re unrealistic because life doesn’t work that way. You need to come up with a plan as well as to follow it through. Otherwise, you’ll get defeated. Our first advice to you is – focus on small victories instead of the big ones. They are easier to achieve, and they accumulate. Take a look at these three health tips that will help you become your better self in 2019.

  • Exercise More Efficiently
  • Do you want to get fit to run a marathon? Ok, you can get yourself a gym membership. But if you start giving excuses about why you can’t go there to exercise, your membership card will start collecting dust. Besides, some workouts don’t require the gym but can do wonders for your well-being. Next time you don’t feel like going to the gym, skip it and go for a walk, a run, or a swim. These exercises complement your gym routine and are great for improving range of motion and balance, protecting your joints, and strengthening your bones. And they require minimal equipment. You could also consider Tai Chi – martial art (also known as meditation in movement) that combines relaxation and movement for the mind-body balance.

  • Declutter Your Life
  • It is interesting how such a simple way of enhancing productivity and mood can be so dreadful to many people. But decluttering requires only an afternoon per month to get rid of everything you don’t need from both your living space and your mind. For example, start by cleaning your place, cleaning your stove and fridge, getting rid of old mail, and taking your outdated clothes to Goodwill. Also, decluttering is not limited to physical things exclusively. After a dynamic period in your life, you may feel that you need time to unwind and declutter your mind. You can dedicate a whole day for this or take a bit of time each night before bed to practice mindfulness. It will help you get rid of repetitive, toxic thoughts that are bringing you down from your fullest potential. The following day, your mind will feed recharged and refreshed.

  • Limited Screen Time
  • Now, this one’s important. Too much television was recognized as a health issue a long time ago. However, we become addicted to electronic screens with the invention of the smartphone along with social media. It’s the age of electronic everything, and it’s taking a toll on your brain, eyes, and emotional wellbeing. Looking at your screen stimulates you, and this continuous stimulation brings emotional and physical stress. That’s why it’s important to make a conscious effort to shut your devices down and disconnect several times during the day and an hour before you go to sleep. Turn off the TV and put your phone on silent mode. Besides sagging shoulders, the poor posture of the neck, becoming a “couch potato,” and other negative aspects of electronic access, disconnecting also improves social interaction, promotes liberal attitude, reduces stress levels, and strengthens the immune system.

    Get up in the morning, sit at work, sit after work with colleagues or friends, and then lay down at home again. The sedentary lifestyle was making me feel fatigued, stressed, burnt out, and lazy. One day I decided to put a stop to it and start exercising. It was difficult for me to motivate myself during the first week or two, but one morning I woke up and I felt a craving for some strength training. Consistency is key, trust me.

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