5 Tips to Stay Hydrated During Exercise and Throughout the Day

About 60% of an adult human body is made of water. We can’t live without it, and we need plenty of it, especially during and after an intense workout that has sweat pouring out. On average, people drink between 4 and 5 glasses of water per day, which isn’t enough. Not being hydrated enough can affect your weight, your workout, and your cognitive function. Take a look at these tips that will help you stay hydrated at all times.

  • Drink Water before Your Morning Workout
  • To avoid the effects of dehydration, you should stay one step ahead. It’s important to start your workout (and your day) hydrated, drink during activities, and again when it’s over. If you have a morning workout habit, you should drink water the night before because it’s easy to wake up dehydrated after spending 7-8 hours in bed. Be sure to drink plenty of water a few hours before going to sleep and immediately upon waking.  

  • Hydrate with Foods
  • Did you know that you can account for about 20% of your daily fluid intake to your food choices? The foods you eat are major contributors to your overall hydration state. During summer months, eat strawberries, tomatoes, and melons as they’re rich in water, minerals, and carbohydrates. Eat juicy fruits before and after a workout, add fresh fruit juice to water, and you’ll have water with a healthy and extraordinary dose of flavor.  

  • Sip, Don’t Gulp
  • When exercising, you should avoid drinking large mouthfuls of water. It’s much better to drink it in smaller sips because it makes it easier for your body to use it. That way, you will hydrate more effectively. The body can’t retain large amounts of fluid as effectively as small amounts, which can lead to frequent toilet stops during your exercising session.   

  • Stay Away from Sugar
  • Consuming refined carbs packed with sugar can lift and drop your energy and hydration levels quickly. The body must work extra hard to metabolize that extra sugar, which in turn creates an acidic environment that impairs our body’s ability to store water. But why do we crave sugar when dehydrated? Sometimes, dehydration can be misinterpreted as hunger. Our body looks for the fastest way to get calories when we feel hungry, which is when the cravings come in. So, the next time you feel like you’d devour a Snickers bar while sitting at your desk, try eating some fruit or drinking a glass of water first.  

  • Track What You Drink
  • If you’re drinking a glass of water here and there during busy days, you’re probably not sure about how much water you drank at the end of the day. You should try tracking your water intake by noting it down in your phone log. Also, pay attention to how often you go to the bathroom or sweat during the day. You expend fluids in different ways, and it’s important to replenish it all to maintain hydration.

    Incorporate these hydrating habits into your everyday life, and you won’t have to worry about dehydration ever again. It takes time before you turn it into practice, but once you do, there will always be a bottle of water somewhere near you. Inspyr is there to support you with our socks with great motivational words by keeping your spirit up and your feet warm.

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